Apartementcomplex Parklane Residences

Parklane Residences offers luxurious, furnished apartments in a beautiful environment surrounded by greenery.

Parklane Residences was designed to evoke the architectural style of the 1930s. The luxurious apartments are fitted with slender window frames in the original, elegant style. The complex is located in the midst of a beautiful natural environment.

While parking space is obviously available on the premises, the emphasis is on a green landscape that blends in with the surrounding area.

Luxury living with a 1930s feel

The grounds are enclosed by a beautifully detailed fence that can be opened by residents with a remote control. The stately entrance features a beautiful natural stone floor that continues through the light hallways right up to the apartment doors.

This natural stone finishing is also used in the frames around the front doors. Naturally, all apartments can be reached by elevator.

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